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THE ORganizing ORG

The Organizing Organization brings simplicity and order back to the lives and spaces of its clients, and we do it all with our signature style. We make your space functional AND beautiful — the perfect combo.

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Owner & Organizer

I was born and raised right here in Houston, Texas.  I went to Episcopal High School and graduated from University of Houston with a degree in Communications. I'm proud to be a Houstonian and barring something totally unexpected, this is where I will always call home.  

I am employed full-time in the Texas Medical Center and thoroughly enjoy that position. But I also have a passion for organization that I can't deny - I've been into containers since I was little! Organizing my own home allows me to free up my mind to pursue creative hobbies and I am constantly working on project after project.  

Our goal is to bring order and comfort to people’s lives through artful organization. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do that for you.

our guiding principles…

  • We believe in the possibility of change.

  • We believe in authenticity, and vulnerability doesn’t scare us  -- neither does your garage.

  • We believe in being a shoulder to cry on, listening without judgment, and toasting ALL your wins.

  • We believe a beautiful environment can improve your whole outlook on life.

  • We believe some things are just meant to be ROYGBIV’d.

  • We believe in what’s important to you. It becomes important to us too.

  • We believe that sometimes we all need a push to say goodbye to that which no longer serves us.

  • We believe in aliens (just making sure you’re paying attention).

  • We believe a little maintenance goes a long way.

  • We believe an organized space allows creativity to flow.

  • We believe a good purge session is curative for the soul and the mind. So is a well-placed curse word.

  • We believe in simplicity, but we were born extra so we dig that too.

  • We believe a great label can make all the difference.

  • We believe dogs are heaven-sent.

  • We believe your dog might want to come home with us (but we’re always wrong).

  • We believe “overwhelmed” is a temporary state.

  • We believe a sense of humor is fundamental.

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