Here's how to apply your vinyl label:

  • The surface to which you are applying must be clean and dry and free from dirt, dust, and oil.
  • Slowly remove the backing paper from the vinyl, leaving it attached to the clear transfer paper. Go very slowly and carefully. If the vinyl at any time doesn’t want to come off the backing paper, put the transfer paper back on top of the area and rub it with your finger or a credit card. If it still doesn’t want to come off the backing paper, you may have to lift stubborn areas with your fingernail or pointed object and press it to the transfer paper.
  • Now that the backing paper has been removed, you can place the vinyl on your item. Work your way from the middle of the design out to the edges, smoothing with a credit card or some other kind of flat tool. Continuing smoothing until the vinyl is completely adhered and all air bubbles are removed.
  • Now remove the transfer paper – slowly and carefully. Peel back on a corner at the top going at an angle. If the vinyl does not want to let go of the transfer tape, push the tape back down and rub the area with your finger or credit card to ensure the vinyl sticks to your surface. Continuing peeling back the transfer tape until it is removed.

Now sit back and enjoy your pretty new label!